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Thailand Planning and Preparation

Ever since I got home from my 8 month trip in South East Asia in 2014 I have been dreaming of returning. It’s usually tough to choose to revisit places I’ve been before over visiting new and unexplored places, but with Thailand, it wasn’t… It was a country and culture I had fallen in love with previously. I had some incredible experiences and visited what I thought were some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. I wanted to share these experiences with Pete, who has never been to Asia.

But then where should I take him?

I spent almost 3 months in Thailand during my previous travelling adventure, Pete and I shall just over 2 weeks for this trip. We are going over Easter, taking advantage of the multiple bank holidays during April to make sure we maximize our time abroad whilst taking only 10 days of work holidays. The coincides with Songkran in Thailand – one of the best experiences I had during my trip. So that’s a big tick!

Learning from our past 2 holidays we have at least decided 2 things:
1. Not to book accommodation and to instead go where we feel when we feel once we are there.
2. Not to try and go to too many places in too short a time.

Which I guess means I shouldn’t worry about where we go and what we do and just go with the flow! :)

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