Welcome to Libby’s Bytes; AKA Libbytes!

My travel blogging began after backpacking through South East Asia in 2014. Back then, my blog was just for me, a place to return to regularly and keep the memories alive. And to some extent it still is… My travel blog is more focused on experiences and stories rather than places and lists to tick-off. Although I now only have the standard 5 weeks of annual leave per year, I still (just about) manage to keep the travel blogging going… as I can’t seem to adapt to taking a ‘normal holiday’ and still travel with my backpack staying just a few days in one location.

One of my main passions when travelling, along with learning about the culture and seeing the natural beauty of places, is food. I love to try the local foods, and without even realising it, my blog tended to focus on food – even my mum mentioned: “you take a lot of photos of food don’t you…”. My partner, Peter, is vegan and so these days when I travel we will always have this in mind. I then like to use inspiration from my travelling and love of food to recreate the vegan dishes at home.

I hope you enjoy my travel and food blog. Please feel free to get in touch!

P.S. I am not affiliated with any companies, all content is my own. All photos and images on this site are my own, please do not use them without prior permission. Thanks!

P.P.S. I am only a hobbyist blogger, I work full time as an antibody specialist for a global company. I pay for all hotels, meals and transportation myself. All my opinions, reviews and ratings are unbiased and genuine. 🙂