Welcome to Libby’s Bytes; AKA Libbytes!

My travel blogging began after backpacking through South East Asia in 2014. I was 25 and had just finished a 4 year PhD in biochemistry/medicine. After spending my entire life up to that point in education in the UK, I was ready for an adventure.

After my savings ran out towards the end of 2014, I returned back to the UK and got a job in sales. I now work as a regional sales manager for a biotech company which helps advance drug discovery. Unfortunately, I now only have the standard 5 weeks of annual leave per year, but I can’t seem to adapt to taking a ‘normal holiday’ and still travel with my backpack staying just a few days in one location!

I started blogging, initially, as a place to save my photos and memories.  I visit here quite often actually and usually end up beaming with joy in reminiscence, or planning the next trip, inspired again… I still try and find time to blog now, since I have found immense enjoyment from it. For me, it expands the process of travelling from the simple 1 or 2 weeks away. Travel for me now is the dreaming, planning and researching beforehand, AND the remembering and writing afterwards too.

I am not affiliated with any companies, all content is my own. All photos and images on this site are my own, please do not use them without prior permission. I am only a hobbyist blogger, I work full time as a Regional Sales Manager for a global company. I pay for all hotels, meals and transportation myself. All my opinions, reviews and ratings are unbiased and genuine.

As I say, the blog is primarily for me, but I still hope that others will enjoy reading it, and hopefully, find inspiration between the lines of my stories.