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Say Wat?!? Angkor Wat.

We arrived in Siem Reap very early and had to wait until midday to check in. The night bus wasn't great so all of us slept on sofas in the lobby until we were allowed in the room. Another lovely hostel, this place also had a swimming pool, but was a little further from the… Continue reading Say Wat?!? Angkor Wat.

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Extremes in Phnom Penh

The newly formed travel group of myself, Steve and Paul from Bristol, George from Gloucester, Steffi from Germany and Karen from The Netherlands, headed off together in what turned into a private minibus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh. It quickly became apparent that from now on I was tour guide and organiser for all trips,… Continue reading Extremes in Phnom Penh

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First taste of beach-bum life; Koh Rong

We left Kampot for Sihanoukville mid morning and immediately caught a boat to the small island Koh Rong. We checked into our beach accommodation, which was $10 a night for a private room with a double bed! We all got a room each at that price! The view from the guest house The first night… Continue reading First taste of beach-bum life; Koh Rong


Easy river living in Kampot

Crossing the border into Cambodia was both relaxed and stressful at the same time. A Cambodian visa technically costs $20 at the border, but it is almost impossible to pay less than $26 due to corruption. However, the forms were easy to finish and all-in-all our border crossing took about 5-10 minutes! Incredibly fast compared… Continue reading Easy river living in Kampot