Portugal Planning and Preparation

In the run-up to our next holiday, I have been far more proactive than usual. This time I have booked all the accommodation in advance; I usually don't book anything so we have total freedom. So... Why this time?? PORTUGAL IS EXPENSIVE! I didn't realise this before, but compared to all previous holidays, even going… Continue reading Portugal Planning and Preparation

Thailand, Travel

Thailand Planning and Preparation

Ever since I got home from my 8 month trip in South East Asia in 2014 I have been dreaming of returning. It's usually tough to choose to revisit places I've been before over visiting new and unexplored places, but with Thailand, it wasn't... It was a country and culture I had fallen in love… Continue reading Thailand Planning and Preparation


Morocco Trip Planning and Preparation

It took us a long time to decide where to go this holiday. I think the fact that we had only 1 week really impacted the decision. When I asked Pete what he wanted he said "sun" and "something different", for me these 2 things would direct me to South East Asia or South America,… Continue reading Morocco Trip Planning and Preparation


What to pack for an 8 month round-the-world trip: Planning and preparation.

So today I have learnt that there is definitely not enough time for everything; to visit everywhere - maybe, but not to experience everywhere. Planning where I will go, an how long I will stay somewhere is a precious balance. I would like to visit many places and see different landscapes and environments, but I… Continue reading What to pack for an 8 month round-the-world trip: Planning and preparation.