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Public transport in the Mekong Delta

As the last major city in the south of Vietnam, from HCMC the next step for most people is Cambodia. However, I had heard great things about the very southern part of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. I managed to convince myself, and George, that the best way into Cambodia was through the delta... and… Continue reading Public transport in the Mekong Delta

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Hanging out in Ho Chi Minh City

I left Dalat for Ho Chi Minh city absolutely broken! My body was aching all over and I was still tied from the canyoning even after having a big sleep. On the bus to the HCMC I met 3 girls, 2 travelling together from the Netherlands and 1 from the UK. When we arrived we… Continue reading Hanging out in Ho Chi Minh City

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Adventuring in Dalat

From Hoi An, I took an overnight bus to Dalat, which stopped briefly at Nha Trang in the morning; a beach resort which I had heard to steer clear from... a quick peak at the beach confirmed this, as it was this busy at only 7am! Upon arriving in Dalat I walked with a friend… Continue reading Adventuring in Dalat

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Eating in Hué and Hoi An

After my interesting train journey with the locals, I arrived late in Hué and went straight for food at a famous pho Hué stall. Pho is traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, which is supposed to be the best in Hué, and it was the best soup I had so far! The following day I booked a… Continue reading Eating in Hué and Hoi An

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Caving in Phong Nha

The evening after Ninh Binh I caught an overnight bus to Dong Hoi, where I was met by a taxi pick up I had arranged through Easy Tiger hostel in Phong Nha national park. Phong Nha is home to the largest cave in the world, but the entrance to that cave is only for scientists… Continue reading Caving in Phong Nha

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Ninh Binh lakes and boats

I arrived back from Sapa very early in the morning and had to walk across town back to my hostel where I had left my main bag. Walking with my small bag was so easy that I once again wished that my main bag was small. Although, I do enjoy having the luxury of my… Continue reading Ninh Binh lakes and boats


Sapa homestay and scenery

I finally broke the Sean-Libby team by leaving for Sapa. I had a great time travelling with someone for such a long time, especially someone that I could, and would, be close friends to back home. It makes conversations more interesting than "where have you been?" And "where are you going?". And it's nice to… Continue reading Sapa homestay and scenery