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12 Things You Need For Successful Nail Stamping And Why

So I'm pretty new to this nail stamping business myself. I only really got into it just before my friend's wedding in August. I bought some cheap plates and a stamper off ebay, some nail polish from my local supermarket, tried it once, failed and almost gave up. I couldn't understand why it didn't work… Continue reading 12 Things You Need For Successful Nail Stamping And Why

Nail Art, Step-by-Step

Changing Seasons – Autumn Nails Variation

So after one of my friends saw my new 'changing seasons nails', they asked me to repeat the design for them, but with a focus on only the autumn leave colours and with a navy blue background. If you want to follow a full step-by-step guide, look at my step-by-step changing seasons blog. I followed… Continue reading Changing Seasons – Autumn Nails Variation

Nail Art, Step-by-Step

Changing Seasons – Leaves – Tropical 23

After my last attempt at autumn nails, I inspired myself to go one step further and perfect the autumn leaves design. This design is a fluid and transitional one, with a different stamp on each nail taking the leaves from green on the thumb to red/orange on the little finger - literally representing changing seasons.… Continue reading Changing Seasons – Leaves – Tropical 23

Nail Art, Step-by-Step

Autumn Nails – Tropical 23

So with the weather definitely rainy and glum now, I decided to see if I could get my nails to blend in with an autumnal theme. I used (ironically) the MoYou Tropical plate number 23, as this has several leaf designs on it along with a couple of new colours I bought today; Mesa Sunrise… Continue reading Autumn Nails – Tropical 23