Big Easter Adventure to Thailand, New Zealand and Bali… Are we crazy?

Since booking the flights for this trip and telling people what we are doing, most think we are crazy to do so much in so little time and ask why we booked it. The simple answer is that the flights were on a super special sale with Emirates and we managed to bag all the major flights for just £750 each!

The plan is 1 week in Thailand, 1 week in New Zealand and 1 week in Bali. Sounds great on paper, but trying to cram as much cool stuff into 1 week is hard and this holiday required more planning than all our previous trips in order to maximise our time adventuring.

I spent the last few months piecing together bits that we wanted to see and do, added a few more flights here and there, and of course made sure I’ve left plenty of space for flexibility and spontaneity.

We left our home in the hands of a French Canadian family midway through a backpacking adventure of their own. They looked after Chip and Ru like they were their own pets and we couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. We used and would definitely recommend it. Chip and Ru were able to stay at home, together and we saved a hell of a lot of money compared to using a boarder or kennels.

Chip and Ru on a walk with Pierre and Fred who looked after our home!

I’ll be adding blog posts from each of our trips as I usually do. Keep your eye out for the first post on Chiang Mai coming soon!

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