Nail Art

Looking for Inspiration for DIY Nails?

Doing your nails can be a calming experience, a chance to engage your creative side and focus on one thing. For me it is anyway…

One of the most challenging things when creating new nail art is deciding which design to go for, which colours to use and how to do it – after all, there are so many options! Your nails will have to look like this for a week as well!

Images and pictures of other people’s nails is often great inspiration in helping you to decide which design to go for. Personally, I don’t like to carbon copy the image exactly, but more use it to guide me and inspire me to create my own design.

Here are all my nail designs to date (which I hope to update regularly). I hope you find something inspirational out of at least one design!

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The first ever set I did, MoYou Croco Spark with Mood Indigo stamped over with MoYou Mandala plate 08.


Natural nails with MoYou Kaleidoscope stamping plate 12 as tips with MoYou White Knight and MoYou Henna plate 04 Black Knight stamp.


MoYou Mood Indigo with White Knight stamping Henna plate 01. Honolulu and Peach Tart for the thumb reverse stamp and Essie Matte About You top coat.


My first attempt at a friends’ nails with base colour MoYou Ginger Rust with Black Knight Mandala stamping plate 08.


Toe nail stamping with MoYou Midnight Madness, Mesa Sunrise, Key Lime and XOXO. Big toe stamped withΒ Henna plate 01. See a step by step guide on how to do this here.

Autumn nails with MoYou Cafe Au Lait base, Midnight Madness and Mesa Sunrise Stamps and Ginger Rust dotting. Plate used was Tropical 23. Learn how to do it fully here.

My Changing Seasons nails with MoYou Cafe Au Lait as base and leaves stamping with Ever Green, Key Lime, Mesa Sunrise and XOXO. Plate was Tropical 23 again. You can learn how to do this one here.

I did a variation on the changing seasons for my friends’ nails with MoYou Midnight Madness as the base and leaves with Mesa Sunrise, Key Lime and XOXO. You can see the step-by-step guide on this here.


This one uses MoYou Snowflake as the base with ombre stamping with Midnight Madness and Glacier using the Doodles plate 13.


My first of 3 Halloween special nails this year, MoYou Snowflake as the base and Black Knight stamping with the Mother Nature plate 04.


My second Halloween special was ombre nails with MoYou Snowflake and Black Knight as the base stamped over with Black Knight with Mother Nature plate 04.


For my final Halloween nails, and the ones I finally kept with for the 31st, I used MoYou Midnight Madness and Ginger Rust (my fave combination) with Mother Nature 04 again. (I think you can start to see the improvement from here on…)


After Halloween I switched to another autumnal theme with Mother Nature 04 plate and Cloudy Day, In to the Woods, Mesa Sunrise, Ever Green and Key Lime. Essie Matte About You finished the look.


Keeping with the autumnal theme I took inspiration from MoYou’s fox forest bundle and used Midnight Madness, Mesa Sunrise, White Knight and Olive Tree for this one, along with Flower Power 17 and Animal 12 plates.


I also took inspiration from Instagram’s Mausigrau and her MoYou bundle and used Olive Tree, Cloudy Day, Into The Woods and Mesa Sunrise with Animal plate 12.

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