Changing Seasons – Autumn Nails Variation

So after one of my friends saw my new ‘changing seasons nails‘, they asked me to repeat the design for them, but with a focus on only the autumn leave colours and with a navy blue background.

If you want to follow a full step-by-step guide, look at my step-by-step changing seasons blog. I followed the same steps as there but with just a few tweaks:

  • MoYou Tropical plate 23 – SAME
  • MoYou Crystal Clear Stamper and Scaper – SAME
  • Jessica Reward base coat – SWAPPED – for Essie First Base (better at dealing with staining that you get with dark colours)
  • Jessica Brilliance top coat – SAME
  • MoYou top coat – SAME
  • MoYou Mesa Sunrise – SAME
  • MoYou Ever Green – REMOVED
  • MoYou Cafe Au Lait – SWAPPED – for Midnight Madness
  • MoYou Key Lime – SAME
  • MoYou XOXO – SAME
  • MoYou Cancun Coral – ADDED – for more autumn colours
  • MoYou Cuticle Guard – ADDED – I used this to help with the blue stains on he finger
  • Nail polish remover
  • 99% IPA
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Cotton pads
  • Small brush
  • Lint Roller

Step 1

Cuticle guard around all nails.

Step 2

Essie First Base base coat (why?).

Step 3

Base colour – Midnight Madness

Step 4

To create a marble effect on the leaves dot on several colours of paint on the plate and scrape over 3-4 times with the scraper (changing direction each time) before picking up the design. You need to make sure you’re very fast as, if the paint dries, it won’t be picked up by the stamper very well. Once picked up, remove any unwanted sections with the lint-roller. All leaves used variations of:

  • Key Lime
  • Mesa Sunrise,
  • Cancun Coral
  • XOXO

Step 6

Remove the cuticle guard with the tweezers and tidy up the nail edges with a thin brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 7

Cover the nails with a smudge-free top coat (MoYou top coat) and allow to dry before applying the Jessica Brilliance top coat to finish (why?).



Nail Gallery:

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