Feature Wood-Panel Wall with Light

My boyfriend and I live in a small cottage in Manchester and have been slowly decorating and improving the house. We decided to do a wooden panel wall in the living room as a feature and gained inspiration from hotels we had stayed in and also Pete’s fantastic imagination.

I must admit that Pete was the main instigator in this, my contributions were wood staining, choosing the light and bulbs and being bossy.

The wood we used is easily available from most B&Qs, was suitable for cladding and untreated/unstained.

Pete prepared the wall first by securing a frame on which to pin the cladding on to. He also devised a repeating pattern for the wall which was simple and made the most of the size of wood we were able to buy.


Pete measuring the wall and trying the first panel.

Although we had a set pattern, our house is 200 years old and walls are not straight, so Pete still had to measure and double check every piece to make sure it fit. He measured and cut, I chose the colours and stained.

I wanted a mix of many colours and I wanted the colour selection to seem as random as possible. For the wood staining, we used 4 colours only and I mixed together my own blends to achieve the wide variation. Some pieces had 1 coat, darker colours tended to have 3 coats of dye.



Staining the wood and allowing to dry

It took us 2 weekends to complete the wall and since we weren’t able to connect the light to the mains electric, Pete rigged up a plug connection which ran behind the wall instead (he is a trained electrician!).





Completed wall!

We finished the wall with a light feature and some old coil style bulbs which I bought off eBay.



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