Changing Seasons – Leaves – Tropical 23

After my last attempt at autumn nails, I inspired myself to go one step further and perfect the autumn leaves design. This design is a fluid and transitional one, with a different stamp on each nail taking the leaves from green on the thumb to red/orange on the little finger – literally representing changing seasons.

You should use a marble effect to create the leaf stamps and give each leaf a unique colour and style.

I used the MoYou Tropical plate number 23 again, as this has several leaf designs and is a plate I already had, although the Mother Nature plate 07 is now firmly on my wishlist! You can use any pate which has a leaf design. Pair this with some natural leaf colours, I used the autumn colours I bought recently; Mesa Sunrise (a burnt orange), Cafe Au Lait (nude) and some older colours I had; Ever Green, Key Lime and XOXO (pink/red).

This is everything you will need to create this look yourself:


  • MoYou Tropical plate 23
  • MoYou Crystal Clear Stamper and Scaper
  • Jessica Reward base coat
  • Jessica Brilliance top coat
  • MoYou top coat
  • MoYou Mesa Sunrise
  • MoYou Ever Green
  • MoYou Cafe Au Lait
  • MoYou Key Lime
  • MoYou XOXO
  • Nail polish remover
  • 99% IPA
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Cotton pads
  • Small brush
  • Lint Roller
  • Why do I need all this?

Step 1

Prepare your nails with a base coat. I used Jessica Reward as it suits my nails (why?).

Step 2

Once dry, apply the base colour – Cafe Au Lait, or any nude colour. Make sure to paint the nail edge to reduce the risk of chipping.

Step 3

Allow to dry and now prepare the plate with IPA and lint-free cloth. If the plate is dirty the stamp won’t work as well.

Step 4

To create a marble effect on the leaves dot on several colours of paint on the plate and scrape over 3-4 times with the scraper (changing direction each time) before picking up the design. You need to make sure you’re very fast as, if the paint dries, it won’t be picked up by the stamper very well. Once picked up, remove any unwanted sections with the lint-roller.

  • Thumb uses Ever Green with some Key Lime
  • Index finger uses Key Lime with some Ever Green
  • Middle finger uses Mesa Sunrise, Ever Green and Key Lime equally
  • Ring finger uses Mesa Sunrise and Key Lime equally
  • Little finger uses Mesa Sunrise and some XOXO

Step 6

Tidy up the nail edges with a thin brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 7

Cover the nails with a smudge-free top coat (MoYou top coat) and allow to dry before applying the Jessica Brilliance top coat to finish. Applying the Jessica first without the MoYou smudge resistant one will smudge the designs!



Nail Gallery:

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And if you’re really into matching like me, you can match your eye make-up to your nails:


This uses MAC Humid and Expensive Pink.

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