Multicoloured Toes – Henna 01

I find that toenail art can be a lot more adventurous than fingernails. Hardly anybody sees your toenails; especially if you live in the UK where it rains a lot! So you get to go crazy with colour or patterns that you just wouldn’t do on your fingernails.

Here are my latest toenails using the new colours I recently bought from MoYou. I used an ombre stamp effect on the big toe, which basically means blending colours together.

This is everything you will need to create this look yourself:

  • MoYou Henna plate 01
  • MoYou Crystal Clear Stamper and Scaper
  • Essie First Base base coat
  • MoYou top coat
  • MoYou Midnight Madness
  • MoYou Mesa Sunrise
  • MoYou XOXO
  • MoYou Key Lime
  • Nail polish remover
  • 99% IPA
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Cotton pads
  • Small brush
  • Tweezers
  • Lint Roller
  • Why do I need all this?

The following steps and images show how you can achieve this nail design yourself.

Step 1

Prepare your nails with a base coat. I used Essie First Base as I find it’s the best base coat for preventing the paint from staining your nails. The MoYou Midnight Madness stains awfully otherwise…

Step 2

Once dry, apply the colour. I used a different colour per toe (and did the same colours on the same opposite toes). I used 2 coats of each colour, allowing the paint to dry between coats.

Step 3

For the big toe, apply Midnight Madness as the base colour, then create an ombre effect with the stamp by painting 3 colours onto the plate and blending when you scrape over. Pick up the paint by gently rolling over a clean stamper. Be fast and do not allow the paint to dry. Once picked up on the stamp, transfer the paint to the nail by pressing down firmly onto the nail.

Step 4

Tidy up the nail with a thin brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Step 5

Cover the nails with a smudge-free top coat (MoYou top coat), before applying Jessica Brilliance.

The Completed Nails:



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