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An Introduction to Plant-Based Cooking

So when I met my boyfriend Peter at Christmas in 2015, we were both oblivious meat eaters. Peter decided to turn vegetarian not long after I met him for animal welfare and ethical reasons. I supported him in this and instantly changed all my cooking habits and stopped buying meat completely. I must admit that it took me a while to transition. Although the change was instant, to learn new skills in the kitchen and increase my recipe repertoire took some time – and a while eating mainly meat substitutes – but I love a challenge and gladly accepted it…

About one year ago today, after a year of vegetarian enlightenment, Peter made the decision to live completely animal-free and start eating a plant-based diet. I again fully supported him in this and although I do sway from this when outside the home, our fridge and cupboards are 100% plant-based.

Once again I was faced with a new challenge, especially in terms of baking, but over the last year we have both adapted our habits and now vegan cooking at home is pleasurable and instinctive.

This post will be continually updated with a variety of different meal options which I will add separately in individual posts with more detail and basic recipes. I don’t want to post full recipes in terms of perfect weights and measures, because I believe that cooking is a personal endeavour and requires flexibility and intuition to suit a meal to your personal tastes.

I hope you can use my posts as inspiration in your own cooking! Enjoy!

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