Portugal Planning and Preparation

In the run-up to our next holiday, I have been far more proactive than usual. This time I have booked all the accommodation in advance; I usually don’t book anything so we have total freedom. So… Why this time??


I didn’t realise this before, but compared to all previous holidays, even going way back to holidays in Greece, Asia, Croatia, Morocco… Portugal appears to be the most expensive so far. Which is contrary to what I had thought. I initially wanted to go to Nairobi, Kenya for this holiday but we decided, in the end, to go for a ‘cheap’ holiday instead :) I mean, it’s not breaking the bank, but my usual £30 a night budget for usually very nice accommodation has gone out the window. We’re now paying about £50 a night for low standard accommodation. Which has meant more planning to make sure we’re not stuck with absolute shit.

Not to mention that when I went on booking.com on Monday this week to search for Lisbon, it told me 98% of the accommodation on their site had been booked! Which I am inclined to believe looking at what’s left! This was also the case for everywhere else I wanted to go. So this week I have been frantically trying to book everything and plan in advance to get ready for our trip in 10 days! EEEEK!

So anyway, there we have it, rant over. On the positive, it should mean our trip is care-free. No trying to book accommodation in a car or on a bus, knowing exactly where we are going to go next and no hard decisions to make on the road. It should mean we can focus more on just enjoying the present and not focusing on the next place too much…. I hope!

So far:
Lisbon 2 nights – booked!
Sintra 2 nights – booked!
Benagil 1 night – booked!
Lagos 3 nights – almost booked….
Monchique 1 night – booked!
Car hire – booked!
Car hire excess – booked!
Clothes – bought!

What’s left to do?!?! … Get excited! 😀

View Portugal Road Trip on Libbytes’s travel map.

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