Morocco Trip Planning and Preparation

It took us a long time to decide where to go this holiday. I think the fact that we had only 1 week really impacted the decision. When I asked Pete what he wanted he said “sun” and “something different”, for me these 2 things would direct me to South East Asia or South America, but with destinations in those areas a minimum of 10 hours flight away, we were limited to North Africa and Southern European Islands. Out of these Morocco seemed the obvious choice for food, culture, architecture and adventure.

It then took me a long time to decide where in Morocco to go… it’s a vast country with lots of diversity in both landscapes and culture. In the end, it was based on convenience and the price of the flight to Marrakech. We knew we wanted an adventure and travelling-based holiday, but after hours and hours of researching different cities and methods of transportation, we decided to just hire a car and wing it.

I got the car via AutoEurope again and it was £94 for a Fiat Punto for the week. I also got the carhireexcess cover for £15 for the week to avoid paying extra fees or a huge excess should anything happen.

And then with everything booked and Chip settled at a friend’s home, we set off on our adventure to Morroco!

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