Peace in Plitvice Lakes

On our second full day in Croatia, we started early with breakfast on the balcony again before setting off to the famous Plitvice Lakes. This was the real reason why I had always wanted to come to Croatia, the pictures of this place are spectacular…

After a bit of research we found that most of the motorways charge in toll booths along the way, but that there is another route from Zadar to Plitvice which avoids the tolls and goes via the D1, so we charged the phones, set the maps and set-off for the mountains in our boat!


The journey was incredible, the views over the Mountains and valleys was really something. The roads were great too, we had to watch out for some speed cameras, and overtaking in our boat was a little tricky and required a run-up, but that was all part of the fun! Pete just kept saying “ahh… imagine these roads in your car” but we did come to love our little boat.

The journey to Plitvic didn’t take that long only around 2.5 hours, so we went straight to the National Park and got some food and rest before setting off the see the sights.

Spotting the first waterfalls…

There are only so many adjectives to describe something so beautiful and amazing as this place so I won’t try to, I’ll just put the photos here and say that the park was so well maintained – the walkways were superb, steps up over a waterfall and wooden walkways over a sheer drop or the lakes… Stunning.

Some parts of the journey started with a boat







Pete kept winding me up saying the best bit was the fish…

The walkways were relatively quiet, I think the overcast weather and the month of May helped because I had read that this place gets very busy in high season. But actually, we found it very peaceful… especially when we got to a bit that was closed for repairs and ‘out of bounds’… it looked fine so Pete and I decided to sneak over the barriers and continue the journey to the tallest waterfall in the park.

This risk paid off as we found ourselves in pure serenity and only bumped into 4 other brave adventures who also dared to climb the barriers!! In fact, this part of the closed off park was also the most beautiful…







After a full afternoon of walking the park we were drained and so headed back to a local village ‘Korenicko’ to find our guest house ‘House Ines’ which was lovely and toasty warm when we arrived! That evening we ate at a local restaurant in ‘Rudanovac’ – ‘Vila Velabita’ – we were recommended to go there by the owners of the guest house, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, it was awful…

We had booked to stay in Korenicko and around Plitvice for another full day and night, but when we woke the next morning the weather was awful, very cold and raining. The forecast was grim for the rest of the day too… so… I literally googled ‘where is the hottest place in Croatia today’ and it suggested Split…. Luckily, I had planned the next leg of our journey to be to the island of Hvar, and Split is the port which runs ferries to Split, so off we popped to Split – A day early!


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