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Feeling at home in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok from Siem Reap. Everyone in the group had been to Bangkok before, but stayed in a different district, AND… they all hated the city. So my mission, as the designated tour guide, was to change all their opinions!! I took them to all my favourite restaurants and bars from previous visits, and we stayed at the hostel I stayed in previously; Hi Mid Bangkok. It felt like home going back to somewhere familiar after a long time travelling, a lovely feeling.

The first day I took them to a boat noodles place Ben took me to on my first day. Boat noodles had also been Dan’s favourite Thai dish from the days we spent together, and it was great that everyone enjoyed the meal, even after I told them the soup was made with pigs blood (something Ben only told me afterwards too!).

In the evening we started the night at a jazz rooftop bar which I went to a few times previously. We got very drunk and then the 6 of us piled into one tuk-tuk to go to a club in Sukhumvit district…
In the tuk tuks.
The club had a mirror on the ceiling… lol
Getting to know the locals!

The following day we went early to apply for a visa for Myanmar, which was a very easy process, and cheap! We watched transformers at the cinema, and then got scammed by a seafood restaurant! Our visas were ready the following day and after we picked them up we all went for a massage! I took everyone to a Japanese restaurant that evening (another one that Ben introduced me to). Again, everyone loved it! After, 4 of us went for drinks along Khao San Road (not my choice…) before everyone realised the is what they didn’t like about Bangkok… better to keep the organisation up to me then!!!

The last day in Bangkok was spent walking around between malls and a few shrines that I didn’t manage to visit before. Steve and I also visited the Baiyoke tower, the tallest building in Thailand, with amazing views. Unfortunately, my camera had been playing up and corrupting my photos without me knowing, so I lost all the ones I took this day. Luckily the problem was fixable!

I love the city of Bangkok, and it is currently the place I have spent longest in so it really does feel like my home in Asia. I was also successful in my mission to convince the others that Bangkok is more than just Khao San Road, as everyone said that this time, Bangkok was enjoyable, hassle-free and had great food! Winner!


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